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A1 Simulation

We ship anywhere in the United States and Canada

F1 Simulator starting at 7 000$

Our F1 simulators provide an immersive Formula 1 driving experience. They replicate the motions, vibrations and G-forces of a racing car, with a simulation seat mounted on a dynamic chassis. Featuring high-definition graphics, immersive audio systems, and diverse gameplay options, these simulators allow users to train, compete against the AI, or compete in online races. Our F1 simulators provide a realistic and thrilling experience of Formula 1 driving in a controlled and safe virtual environment.

Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix

The most immersive racing simulators on the market

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We ship anywhere in the United States and Canada

Assembled from the best components on the market, our karting simulators, F1 simulators and GT simulators are ready to use products, almost entirely customized and assembled according to your budget requirements. Unique and highly immersive, these simracing machines are suitable for both amateur and professional pilots wishing to train rigorously.