Here’s the PRS200™

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Here’s the PRS200™, one of the most powerful simulation actuator on the market. Created in order to push the limits, it will be the perfect asset for anyone looking for the ultimate realism. Overwhelming performance, a more than modest power consumption, enter now the simulation 2.0 . With the PRS200™, get into a whole new dimension: feel every asperity, every bump, every kerb with precision. With the PRS200™, simulation comes to life.


Surgical precision

With an accuracy of 0.003 mm, PRS200™ offers details until today never felt in the world of simulation. Nothing escapes it, it can reproduce with precision all the telemetry data sent by your simulation software. Thanks to its CAN communication protocol and its absolute positioning, the PRS200™ is now one of the most advanced simulation actuators in the world.

Faster than others

Thanks to its technology, the PRS200™ has a speed of 280 mm/s and 2 G of acceleration. Something that has not been seen in the world of professional simulation. It will be able to reproduce the full complexity of a vehicle’s movement, with disconcerting ease. It can move up to 44 times per second, so fast that it will be difficult to see it with the naked eye. With the PRS200™, simulation has never been so real.


For every taste

The PRS200™ has been designed in order to meet all expectations. For this reason, it is available in three versions: 100, 150 & 200 mm*. Whether you are a fan of motorsport simulation, or fighter pilot in the making, there will always be a The PRS200™ to satisfy you.

Made in France

The PRS200™ has been designed following the most rigorous specifications. It is manufactured in France, benefits of the CE standard and is subject to a systematic quality control. Who seeks perfection, gets excellence.


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