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A1 Simulation

F-1000 5M

We wanted to create the F-1000S F1 simulator with an innovative, elegant and futuristic design. Aspects that are highlighted in the twelve, particular and functional air intakes, essential for an ultra-compact F1 project aimed to complete immersion. The Buildsim design patent presents new lines, able to make it unmistakable and at the same time extremely effective.

The only way to feel behind the wheel of a real F1 car is to immerse yourself inside a F1 chassis. From reality to virtual.

Acceleration: >2G

Speed: 280mm/s

T5 PRO™ Roll T5 PRO™ Pitch T5 PRO™ Heave T5 PRO™ Rear
F-1000S Formula 1 simulator | Prosimu | A1 Simulation Powered by Parro Info
Traction Loss
PC Only

Absolute comfort

Designed thanks to a body mapping technique that allowed to trace the body with 150 detection points. Built to achieve high levels of structural stiffness.

The internal coating extends over the entire surface, shaping the physique and creating a high driving experience for long and extreme intense sessions.

F-1000S F1 simulator | Prosimu | A1 Simulation Powered by Parro Info
F-1000S F1 simulator | Prosimu | A1 Simulation Powered by Parro Info

Without Limits

The customization in every part, both internally and externally, allows an infinite number of possible combinations, making each simulator exclusive.

The F-1000S simulator is handmade in Italy and is built exclusively upon request.

This manufacturing method makes each piece unique.

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Assembled from the best components on the market, our karting simulators, F1 simulators and GT simulators are ready to use products, almost entirely customized and assembled according to your budget requirements. Unique and highly immersive, these simracing machines are suitable for both amateur and professional pilots wishing to train rigorously.