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Simucube | A1 Simulation

Direct drive

At A1 Simulation we know that as true as the contact with the road causes resistance at the steering wheel, in simulation, this resistance comes from the ‘’direct drive’’.

Combined with our high quality sim racing wheels, these direct drives that we use for our karting simulators, F1 simulators and GT simulators are powerful enough to give you the full feel of any racing situations.

We work exclusively with the Simucube brand because we believe their products offer the best sim racing experience In order to satisfy all budgets and driving levels, we offer 3 models.

17 Nm Max Torque | A1 Simulation

Simucube 2 Sport

Throw yourself into the world of sim racing, and join the elite club of sim racers. The Simucube 2 Sport gives you a feeling of complete immersion. Max torque or not, the feedback is real.

Simucube 2 Sport | A1 Simulation
Simucube 2 Pro | A1 Simulation

25 Nm Max Torque | A1 Simulation

Simucube 2 Pro

The Simucube 2 Pro is the ultimate wheelbase that meets the needs of the most sim racers, delivering unparalleled accuracy and realism for an authentic driving experience. It’s perfect for those who demand the very best.

32 Nm Max Torque | A1 Simulation

Simucube 2 Ultimate

You’re witnessing the pinnacle of direct drive force feedback technology.

With the level of response, acceleration, and torque amplified to infinity, this one was created for the best of the best. For those who don’t want to just race, but win.

Designed for professional racing teams and drivers to mimic the thrilling experience of a real race car.

Simucube 2 Ultimate | A1 Simulation

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Assembled from the best components on the market, our karting simulators, F1 simulators and GT simulators are ready to use products, almost entirely customized and assembled according to your budget requirements. Unique and highly immersive, these simracing machines are suitable for both amateur and professional pilots wishing to train rigorously.